Real Time Networked Device Monitoring

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The Standard Version of Net-Probe is offered Free of Charge. This version allows eight devices to be monitored. To upgrade this version to either Pro, Deluxe or Enterprise all that is required is entering the purchased license info into the Standard version.

Net-Probe will work on:
  • Windows 2000 Pro/Server
  • Windows XP Home/Pro
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows Vista

The WinCE Remote component will work on Windows CE version 5 devices.

The following components are included in the setup file:
  • Web Interface
  • Desktop Band
  • Alerter
  • Service
  • Net-Probe Remote (Windows Service, Perl script and Win CE versions)

The file contains Version 3.0.1 (7.7 Megs)


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Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer - 2011